YEG Inspired is a small local magazine focusing in on positive and encouraging parenting stories and narratives. If you’re a parent at any stage, we’d love to hear from parents at all stages (Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Caregivers!)
Please read thru the guidelines and term requirements in the agreement form.
Submissions should reflect the nature of the magazine and follow our current theme.



 Do not use point form, it doesn't coincide with the look or use blog style pauses such as
 Do not use subtitles or new headings within the article piece. 
 Do not direct towards a business, no self promotion of a business or may fall under advertorial content
 Example : Our family went to Dairy Queen/ DQ .. instead our family went out for fast food. 

 Submissions should be approx. 500 to 1200 words maximum.
Deadlines and Themes:
May 1 for June Publication // Adventure

Do not title your pieces with the theme name, be creative. If a title is submitted that reflects the theme, it will be changed.

Approval or acceptance of an article, does not mean it will be published, sometimes we need to make the tough decision during the design process to remove a piece.

If you’re submitting a piece with images, the images must be high quality at 300 dpi , high resolution, no watermarks. If you worked with a photographer, the photographer must email consent along with a model release. Images submitted, must be sent separately to hello ( AT )

Published works will receive a complimentary copy of the magazine, additional issues should be pre-ordered.

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