APRIL 2017

YEG INSPIRED, ISSUE 3, The Toddler Issue
LETTER TO OUR READERS // TANGIBLE CHILDHOOD, a personal essay by Athena Raypold // Storytime with a toddler by Cynthia Priest // Lessons from the Backseat by Hannah Hamilton // Time out for Moms by Jennifer Neilson // Just Let go and Love them by Nancy Critchley // Spring Style Look Book // Tips and tricks for toilet training by Christine Bruckmann // Toddler Friendly Smoothies by Lorraine Stephanyshyn



YEG Inspired releases Issue 2, The Baby issue. 


JUNE 2016 

The first issue of Inspired, was an advertorial magazine produced by Lorraine and funded completely on her own featuring articles that highlighted local businesses for mom’s. The magazine has evolved from marketing piece to a local magazine that now celebrates life as mother in the capital city, sharing inspiring articles and personal essay's from local writers along with featured partners, including a directory of businesses.