Why we suck at making our kids baby books

Why we suck at making our kids baby books

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A brand new baby has arrived and we have all the best intentions. The nursery is ready, we have purchased almost all the stock Costco has of diapers and wipes and we can’t wait to meet our new bundle of joy. Fast forward to the babes first birthday and “Oh my goodness!” We saw so many wonderful things over this past year – the first smile, the first crawl, the first walk! We debated back and forth on who the baby looks like – but OH NO! we forgot to write it down in the baby book!

Fear not, parents! We have a few hot tips to rid you of your guilt and even help point parents-to-be in the right direction to avoid the guilt-trap of the impending baby book entry!


Hot Tip #1

When searching for a baby book, make sure you buy one that caters to your lifestyle. If you love taking pictures, but hate writing, (or vice versa) make sure to look for a baby book that accommodates your timelines and ability. For busy mamas and papas, we like books that are a bit more focused on pictures, but still give the flexibility to write on extra pages, or even remove pages if they don’t work for you. Keep it simple.

Hot tip #2

Set a reminder on your phone. Yes, we know this sounds ridiculous but it works like a charm. Every month on the anniversary of the day our little peanut was born, we set a reminder to fill it out.

Hot tip #3

When something funny or unreal happens, write it down! It doesn’t matter if it’s on a pizza box or your phone, you’ll want to remember later and add to your book. Mom-brain is real, and you might just forget.

Hot tip #4

Sooooooo you’re super awesome at taking photos, but now you have a bazillion and it’ll take you a whole weekend just to find the perfect photo. Boo. Here’s a great idea! At the end of the day when you’re doing a quick buzz through your photos, pick a couple and email them to yourself with a date on them.
Bonus points! If you’ve set up an email account for your little one, send it to them too so they have a digital record of all their wonderful feats!

Hot Tip #5

Seek help! No no! not someone to do it for you (although that would be nice) but find companies that take out the leg work. For instance, if you want loads of amazing, wonderful (oh so cute) photos in your baby book, look for local companies that can help with that part. We search out companies that not only print our photos, but format them to the right size, and can even make them stickers – no glue – hurray!

Hope this helps relieve a bit of the stress – and don’t fret if your timelines aren’t perfect – it’s a work in progress and you’re doing great! Keep up the good work, even if that means that all you accomplished today was reading this blog.

With love,
Kelty + Carlee
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