We Love Edmonton Photographer, Dallas Curow

We Love Edmonton Photographer, Dallas Curow

Dallas Curow is our We Love Edmonton Feature, a local Edmonton Photographer and talented make up artist, she’s the creative mind behind the image that graces our Milestones and Traditions Issue.


We love your work as a photographer, tell us a bit more about you and your business:

I am a passionate portrait photographer and makeup artist who strives to create vibrant and dreamy images and provide an energizing and empowering experience for my clients. I’m a relative newcomer to Edmonton, having moved here from Toronto in late 2015. I came to the city to support my partner as he found his dream job as a professor. In doing so I feel like I stumbled upon the perfect city to begin the next chapter of our lives together as we started a family with our dog and baby.

What do you love about YEG?
I love Edmonton, I believe it's one of the best places in Canada to start a family and be a working mother. It's beautiful, affordable, child friendly and extremely supportive of small business. I also have found the people here to be extraordinarily friendly.

We Love Edmonton Feature, Dallas Curow Photographer

Do you have a favourite session to photograph? I truly love photographing people, and for me variety is more fun than repetition, so I don't have any one favourite type of portrait to do, rather I love to get to know clients, hear about what excites them, and create portraits that are a true reflection of them. This way they receive a bespoke experience while I appreciate the creative stimulation of always photographing new people in new places in different ways! 

You’re both make up artist and photographer, did one area lead into the other?
I know it's rather unusual, but yes, I am a photographer and makeup artist!
For me, makeup and photography have always gone hand-in-hand. Growing up, my mom was a photographer and my aunt was a makeup artist. I learned from both of them from a very young age. I picked up a camera around the same time that I first rifled through my makeup artist aunt's epic makeup collection — before kindergarten! It wasn't long before I discovered the magical way that makeup can be used to enhance portraiture. I've been combining the two art forms ever since.

We Love Edmonton Photographer Dallas Curow

What does a typical Mama & Baby session look like? Can you walk us through what mom’s can expect?
When I dreamed up the idea of mama and baby sessions as I prepared to return from maternity leave and begin shooting again. I was thinking about what kind of images I personally would love to have of me and my son together at this tender age. I was looking through some of my favourite fashion magazines and art books and realized it could be lovely to do iconic black and white portraits of mothers and their little ones together. A little bit glamourous, but also simple and timeless.

When arriving at their Mama + Baby session in my home studio, a client will be greeted by myself and my makeup artist. She will be treated to our "express glam" makeup application, which means we try to keep it to about 20 minutes, so that the baby's patience will not be tested but the mama will allow herself to feel a little fancy.

Then we do a quick 20-30 minute portrait session in front of my hand-painted backdrop (made by local company @parkerbackdrops!) wherein I'll provide lots of posing guidance but also keep the vibe low-key and relaxed. I play soft music to keep baby calm too. I'm always happy to hold little ones if mamas choose to wear a second outfit.

After the shoot, clients receive a gallery of images from which they can choose their favourites. I then edit their selections to perfection and send 'em over, so they can always have these images to treasure this time with their baby.

Edmonton Family Photographer

What’s your best tip to share for Family Clients? Choose your photographer with care, then put your trust in them and let them take care of you. By choosing an experienced photographer who clearly loves working with families, you can let go and truly enjoy the experience of a family session. Your photographer will not only make the shoot itself easy and fun, but should also help you prepare for the shoot by sending you tips ahead of time (how to choose outfits, how to get your kids excited, etc). The best family portrait experiences are the ones where you leave feeling like you just went out for a fun family activity, not a torturous ordeal! Then it becomes something your kids begin to look forward to when you do subsequent shoots!

What’s new on the horizon’s for Dallas Curow Photography, will you be still offering more Mama & Baby sessions ?
While I'm not currently offering Mama + Baby sessions during the winter, I'm planning big things for Mother's Day next year. I am always available for in-home family portraits, or excursions to a family's favourite place. I also know lots of beautiful spots around the city that make for fabulous family photo locations. Families can contact me through my website to book a session! 

Where are you located?

I'm located in west-central Edmonton in the Parkview neighbourhood.What’s the best way to reach you?

The best way to be in touch with me is on my website (dallascurow.com), where you can also subscribe to my newsletter to be the first to find out about new offerings such as my Mama + Baby sessions, holiday minis, Mother's Day portraits, etc. You can also follow me on instagram @dallascurow. 

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