We Love Edmonton Artist, Engravables Design Studio

We Love Edmonton Artist, Engravables Design Studio

What do you love about owning your own business? I am lucky to receive so many great custom orders from other super creative local people, while also being able to work from home, pursuing my own ideas.  I am definitely a spur of the moment person...often an idea will come to me and I'm rushing to the studio to get a demo made, or making notes / scribbles on random pieces of paper throughout my home.

Were you always creative/artist/? or is it a learned skill? Who was your influence? I have always been creative, though usually more in terms of party planning. I still don't consider myself an artist, but my skills continue to develop everyday. My friends are my influencers. They are always coming to me with amazing ideas...I just get to bring them to life!

When did you first launch? I have been running the industrial side of my business for many years, but just launched the local, more creative side in October of 2015.

What inspired you to start your business? I wanted to be able to utilize the equipment I already had, while diversifying and expanding so I could stay at home with my boys. I went back to my career job after both maternity leaves...and was always being pulled back home to them and my own business. Now I am so blessed to be able to do it full time.

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What's one of your favourite pieces you create? My laser engraved glass keepsake ornaments. Each one is unique. I receive orders for so many around Christmas time...most of them children's school photos or memorial keepsakes. Each one holds so many memories for the families, and I love being able to create something special for them to hold onto. Many tears have been shed over the years making the memorial ones... I feel like a part of my heart goes out the door with each of those orders

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Anything extra you'd love to share with us? I am an empathic person, and as such a lot of my own emotions go into each job. I have been known to get just as excited as a client when they see their gift idea come to life, and I get hugs from total strangers all the time when they pickup their orders. I consider it a gift...how lucky am I to be able to make something that matters so much to others right?

Ideal way to spend a day off away from the business? on the beach...with coffee or a cocktail (or both) in hand.

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To stay connected with Amanda and her business, you can follow her through her social media channels here: IG:@engravablesdesign FB: @engravablesdesign or on Twitter: @engravablesDS or through her website at www.engravablesdesign.ca

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