Keeping Your Family On Track Is a Picnic!


In February our family began to use a new app we were introduced to, Picniic and invited to become ambassadors. The app is now available for both Android & iPhones and helps to keep everyone in our family in the loop. Most apps I've tried are limited in the way in how they connect everyone in the family but this app reminds me of having a family message centre but designed for the phone and is loaded with perks like a task centre, to do lists and reminders (pay the cell phone bill), a family calendar, a place for photos, shopping lists and with the upgraded features you can use the family locator to know when and where the kids are, if they've arrived safe to school or to a friends house. Additional upgraded features include meal planning, menu ideas, a place for special events, team snap and an information locker that can store medical or household information and more.

To try out this app, you can download a 30day trial when you use our promo code BLCALL