Tips to Surviving the Holiday Season

Surviving the Holiday Season Burnout

As the holidays approach, it's easy to get inundated as our schedules fill up with activities, parties and performances to attend while cramming in time to go shopping to create perfect holiday memories for our family. Here are our top tips and tricks to avoid holiday burnout this festive season.

Choose what’s important and create a list of events you’d like to enjoy as a family or for yourself. Be picky and know it’s okay to say “no” Print off a calendar to make a game plan. If crafting or baking with your kids is an important tradition for you, schedule it in.

It’s okay to ask for help and delegate other tasks to family members. If you’re hosting the main event, then get everyone to pitch in and assign dishes for others to bring, go potluck style!

Block out time for you and for your family, consider them “blackout dates”, no intrusions for that evening, hunker down, pick out a Christmas movie or pull out Christmasopoly or any other board game. Don’t forget to take time for you and breathe! Not all self-care needs to involve trips to the spa, my friend Layna implements time blocking in her day to day life that helps keep family time reserved.


Before jumping on the bandwagon of popular traditions, think about what that looks like for your family. Do you have time, will it cause undue stress or can you modify it to your advantage. With Elf on the Shelf, one suggestion we received was Elf was reserved for weekends, making it easier to plan activities and giving the week to prepare. One mom organizes all her Elf supplies, creating individual ziplock baggies, so she’s ready to go when the kids go to sleep along with setting an alarm on her and her husband's phone so they both don’t forget.

When you return home from shopping or your deliveries arrive, wrap them as soon as possible! Stay ahead of the late-night Christmas Eve crush by having the shop gift wrap for you or wrap gifts as soon as you’re home if you’re able to.

Bonus tip, that has helped me is I organize the Christmas socks ahead of time by sorting everyone’s Christmas sock with their items into large freezer bags on Christmas Eve I’m ready to fill the socks without sorting through store bags. Truth, I usually find a gift I’ve purchased for one of the Christmas socks months later as I’ve tucked into a “they won’t find it spot”. I often completely forget about that item! The freezer bag method does help a bit with this!