For Pumpkin's Sake, Fall Decor Project

I love fall! The colours, the crunching of leaves, the sweaters and cute boots, which inspired me to amp up my decorating game. While the house is a little chaotic, yard work has slowed down and I can focus my energy on decorating our front door/landing area. I’d like to be able to say porch.. but it’s not really one! But, if I close my eyes and squint, I can almost pretend it is!

Edmonton Home Decor

I did the typical thing and looked for some Pinspiration , armed with ideas, taking a trip to the craft store, I picked out some faux pumpkins (on sale!), leaf garland (70% off), some floral picks, craft paint and a couple packs of crayons. Then a stop into the grocery store to find they had little mini white pumpkins in a bag for $2.99 plus purchased two pumpkins (a medium and large) to complete my plan.


I started out with the orange faux pumpkin, dry brushing gold artist acrylic paint, allowing it to dry. Once it was dry to the touch (didn’t take long), I selected three colours from the crayon pack (white, grey and blue). Taking off the paper sleeves, I broke them into little bits and began melting them onto the pumpkin with the aid of my heat gun. It’s an industrial one, but from what I’ve read on Pinterest, a blow dryer will also work, though I didn’t try it. (please let me know which technique works best for you, I’d love to hear!).
Once I finished melting the crayons in, I applied another layer of gold by dry brushing and then added another layer of melted crayons.. this time the heat gun, created a bit of a modelled technique swirling the colours together. I loved the look and finished it off with a bit more dry brushing.


For the remainder of the pumpkins, I played around with the craft paints I purchased and pulled out from my stash of acrylics some pinks and purples and did a bit more dry brushing on each pumpkin including painting over the real pumpkins.


I also tackled my hygge wreath I made with my friend, Linda last December and gave it a fall pick me up. Adding in some floral fall pumpkin picks and an oak leaf garland that I found at the craft store for 70% off! Total on this project with using supplies I already had and looking for items on sale or clearance was about $42.00.

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