My New Addiction, Level Up Super Foods!


This article is sponsored by Level Up, opinions are my own. 

Hey Edmonton! I want to share with you a pretty cool food item I recently was made aware, it's  by a local company and available at the Old Strathcona Farmers market, it's a great product for coffee and chai tea lovers alike by Level Up Super Foods. Because, I have a daily need for my chai latte's I'm trying to find ways I can sneak in a little bit of healthy goodness into my day. This little bit of goodness added to my chai latte's is rich in antioxidants, organic, paleo and vegan friendly.   


When I'm adding this to my chai latte's, I'll first steam my milk and chai in my steamer, when it's done, I'll hold back a little of my latte and pour a small amount into a mason jar with a lid and blending it together. When it's well blended I'll add it to my latte.

What are the benefits? 
This little superfood in a jar contains some awesome ingredients, like Raw Cacao & Coconut.  
If you pop by Level Up's website, Nathan has several great article on their benefits with research links here. 

Where can you purchase? 
You can purchase directly from Level Up, at the Old Strathcona Market and at Remedy Cafe around the city.