Interview with Local Edmonton Author Jennifer Tsui

This year with Family Literacy Day coming up on January 27th, we will be sharing with you, several local authors over the next several days. 
First up is Jennifer Tsui, Artist, Illustrator, Creative and soon to be college graduate!

Image Supplied by Jennifer Tsui

Image Supplied by Jennifer Tsui

YEG INSPIRED: Tell me a little bit more about yourself? 
JENNIFER: I am a graduating student at Edmonton Digital Arts College (I will complete the illustration program on January 26.) I've always loved drawing and painting, so having the opportunity to turn my skills into a career excited me! 

YEG INSPIRED: What inspired you to become a writer? 
JENNIFER I've been interested in illustrating children's books for some time, and I also write in my spare time. When I was first beginning Hayley's Favourite Toys I liked the idea of having control over the entire creative process. I could allow my words and images to complement each other.

YEG INSPIRED: The title of your first children's book? 
JENNIFER: The title of my first book is Hayley's Favourite Toys.

YEG INSPIRED: How many books have your written?
JENNIFERHayley's Favourite Toys is my first book, but I have plans to create a series based around the main character.

YEG INSPIRED: The demographic your book appeals to?
JENNIFER:It's mostly for young parents with infants and toddlers. It's meant to be enjoyed by the whole family.

YEG INSPIRED: Where can people order your books from?
JENNIFER: They can be purchased via my Etsy store: 

YEG INSPIRED "One thing that you love about Edmonton?" 
JENNIFER:  I love that Edmonton is a growing and evolving city. I've lived here my whole life, but there's always something new to discover and the deeper you search, the more you realize there's so much happening here!"

YEG INSPIRED: A favourite past time? 
JENNIFER: I love trying new things as a means to have other creative outlets aside from illustration. Lately, my favourite past time has been crocheting little animals.

YEG INSPIRED: For young writers, is there a piece of advice you'd give to those starting out? 
JENNIFER: Inspiration is everywhere, even in the mundane. And take breaks. You'd be surprised when inspiration strikes in the most unlikely of circumstances.