Are you ready to explore the Edmonton Ice Castles

The Ice Castles have returned to Edmonton, opening on January 4th, families will once again enjoy the magical world the ice castles offer our winter city!

With lots of nooks and crannies to explore, you’ll be able to enjoy the icey firepit, fountains, tunnels and slides. If this is your first year, dress warm, it's often much colder then what the current weather forecast is prediciting inside the Ice Castle. And if you have little ones in a stroller, you’ll need to leave your strollers in the car and choose a carrier instead or opt to bring in a sled.
Wear proper footwear & double up on the socks!! The surface is slip and feels a lot like walking in sand, so you may be prone to slipping if you're not careful. 
If you’re trying to decide when it’s best to go, be prepared to book in advance to get the best time. They do have a few limited walk up time slots but double check their website before you head out the door.

Dress Warm and Enjoy!