Ampersand Grey, Feature Edmonton Photographer

 Michel Feist of Ampersand Grey knows how to capture and tell beautiful stories, not just as wedding photographer (her work is AMAZING) but also as a birth photographer.  As an observer, Michel has a beautiful way of photographing the in-between moments, the concerned look of a birthing partner, the tender kiss of a mom reminding her daughter she's there for support as her daughter pushes through the labour pains but even more than that she's able to tell a deeper story that lies just beneath the surface. 


Words by Michel Feist:
Wee babe Julianna was given her name by her Grandpa. A very special man to her Mom, Tina. Tina and Pat didn’t find out the sex of the baby before she was born so they didn’t have a name picked out yet—they had a few ideas mulling in their heads but nothing stuck. That was until her Dad said Julianna. I saw Tina look at Pat with a raised eye brow and said ‘that’s actually really pretty’ It made my heart melt.


See, Tina’s Dad was diagnosed with dementia earlier in the year and its been pretty hard on the family as you can imagine. This little miracle, not only brought one more beautiful person into their family but brightened a year that hasn’t been so bright. 


Every birth I’m am allowed to be witness to blows my mind. I am amazed at the human body and how strong and sweeping labour is on a woman. How after things have settled, family comes rushing in to get their first glimpse of her, her nose like Pats, and her lips like Tina’s. Her wide beautiful eyes, the most perfect little wonder. There is a photograph in the slideshow where in the depths of labour Tina’s Mom instinctually kiss’s her daughters knee, it was a split second before Julianna was born and in that moment you know just how much this little baby is already loved.