We Love Edmonton Artist, Amy Dixon


Finding early inspiration in the mountain and ocean vistas of her childhood in Nova Scotia, she is drawn to natural beauty and place in her art. In 2009, Amy exchanged raging waters for vast prairie skies when she settled in Edmonton, Alberta. She has since been captivated by the yellows, blues, and pinks of Albertan summers as much as by the comforting stillness of frigid, untouched fields of snow. Her desire to express beauty has extended beyond Canada and her travels around the world have influenced much of her work. Working primarily in acrylic, Amy has showcased her abstract and landscape paintings locally and across Western Canada. 

Edmonton Local Artist, Amy Dixon

Tell us a little bit about yourself as an artist? I'm an Edmonton based visual artist - most of my paintings are landscapes and abstracts inspired by travel, colour, light and joy. I just recently got back to Edmonton after being abroad for year in Europe (which was so amazing), and I've been working on translating my experiences and memories from my time away onto canvas. Edmonton has been so supportive of my art, and I'm so happy to be back in this city!

Were you always creative?
I've always loved all forms of art. I was a super artsy kid and drawing/painting were my go-to activities growing up. So, i guess in that sense I've always been creative. I've also taken classes over the years to hone specific skills. I think there's always more to learn and improve on, even if you have a natural ability for something.

Edmonton Local Artist, Amy Dixon

What inspired you to start your business? I love painting, I love connecting with people and I also can only stockpile so many paintings in my house. ha! I definitely didn't start painting to create a business, it just evolved organically into what it is today, which I'm very grateful for! In the beginning I painted for myself as a form of meditation. I was in the midst of working full time, doing my Masters and painting helped calm my nerves and help me sleep. Over time it developed into my full-time gig - an unexpected, but lovely twist of life events. :) 

When did you first launch? I sold my first painting at art walk about 7 years ago and I transitioned to painting full-time just over a year ago. 

What's one of your favourite pieces ? My favourite pieces are usually the ones that are directly related to a specific memory. I also love colour. I'm particularly proud of my most recent collection of paintings, (Stravaig), which are inspired by my travels through the Canadian East Coast and the Scottish Highlands - two of my favourite spots.
I also really love painting pieces for individual collectors. It's always a fun challenge to step outside of the box and help bring someones dream painting to life. Those often end up being some of my favourites too.

Edmonton Local Artist, Amy Dixon

Ideal way to spend a day off away from the business? Cuddling with my cat, drinking coffee with friends, dreaming up my next trip, checking out a new restaurant around the city. 

Tough question...Dogs or Cats? Easy question! Cats for sure. But dogs are great too. 

Beverage of choice.. coffee, tea or latte? I have a weakness for a great latte. We recently got an espresso machine so I'm trying really hard to develop my barista skills! I have a long way to go. 

If you’ve picked up our Holiday Guide, she is one of our featured businesses (hint..check the page there’s a promo code). Keep an eye out for when you’re shopping we’ve spied her work in places like The Makers Keep, Sweet Jolie and Plum Home, plus a few cafes in the city.

To follow Amy Dixon, you can connect with her on instagram.com/amydixonart or facebook.com/amydixonart  and if you pop by her website you can sign up for her newsletter.. A little inside tip from being a subscriber.. she gives advance notice on new art releases along with some sweet deals!! www.amydixon.ca

IMAGES BY NANCY CRITCHLEY , Local Edmonton Photographer