Interview with Local Author Lorna Nicholson

Interview with Local Author Lorna Nicholson

Lorna Nicholson, Edmonton Writer

YEG INSPIRED : Tell our families a little bit about yourself?
LORNA: I grew up in Ontario and I’ve lived in three provinces.  I was a jock in high school who also loved to read and write and create stories.  What else?  I’m the youngest of six children and have the best siblings ever.  My hubbie and I have three wonderful children, but they are adults now, so we live with a whiny (and old) Bichon Shi Tzu and a crazy Mexican Rescue dog.  

YEG INSPIRED : The title of your first children's book?
LORNA: My first book that I ever published was Interference.  It is a middle grade novel about a grade seven boy who finally makes an elite hockey team but little does he know he has Type 1 diabetes and it starts to get dangerous because he doesn’t acknowledge that he’s ill.

YEG INSPIRED : How many books have your written?
LORNA: The count to date is 35.  But I have three books coming out in 2018.
YEG INSPIRED: That's amazing!! Congratulations on the new releases!!   

YEG INSPIRED : Who does your book appeal to? 
LORNA: My books appeal to a wide range.  I have a Puckster hockey series that appeals to children 4­ to 8, and a middle grade series that appeals to ages 8 to ­13.  Then I have two series that are for teens:   Podium Sports Academy and One­2­One.  I also have some adult non­fiction sports books.  And one day, I am going to write an adult mystery series.  One day.   

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YEG INSPIRED : What inspired you to become a writer?
LORNA: My mother wrote poetry when I was young and she instilled in me a love of reading and writing.   She encouraged reading.  We didn’t have a lot of money, because I came from a family of six, so we were big library users.  I belonged to the church library, school library, public library and book mobile.  

YEG INSPIRED :  Where can people order your books from? 
LORNA: All my books are on Amazon, and Indigo on­line, and sometimes they can be purchased at book stores.  I love Audreys Books on Jasper Avenue, and I know they carry quite a few of my books and they will always order in!  

YEG INSPIRED :  One thing that you love about Edmonton?
LORNA: One thing?  That’s a tough question because there are so many things I love.  I love the River Valley, because running and walking my dogs is creatively inspiring.  The beauty if breathtaking and different every time I’m out.  I love my writer friends, who I get to talk shop with at different writing events, and walk my dogs with.  I also love the Young Alberta Book Society and their wonderful staff, who work tirelessly to get us Alberta author school visits.  And I absolutely love the generosity of the people.  I have met so many people who give and give to charities, just because.  I’m a foody so I love the restaurants in Edmonton.  There are so many places to go where to get an amazing culinary experience.  And…it goes without saying, I love the Edmonton Oilers. Go Oilers Go.

YEG INSPIRED :  A favourite past time?
LORNA: Running, hot yoga, (Moksha is a fabulous studio in Edmonton), circuit training, reading, playing golf, eating at good restaurants.  Oh, and drinking good coffee and wine and eating chocolate.

 YEG INSPIRED : For young writers, is there a piece of advice you'd give to those starting out?
LORNA: Read, read, read.  And when you write don’t worry about grammar and punctuation, just get your story on the page.  The thing is, no one can fix a blank page.  Try to think of a beginning and an ending to your story because knowing the ending can help get the story completed.  It’s so easy to get halfway through a story and stop writing it because the brain wants to move on to a new idea.  If you know the ending, the entire story might actually get written.  

YEG INSPIRED :  Latest book?
LORNA: The last book I published was a nonfiction biography hockey book for children ages 8- ­13 on Oilers captain, Connor McDavid.  I also have a new book coming out in my One­2­One series titled A Time To Run, and it is about a teen with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.  This is a series about the Best Buddies program.  This book will be released in March!  So exciting, but nerve racking too.  

Connor McDavid
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You can connect with Lorna via her website at

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