A Winter Experience at the Edmonton Ice Castles

It's a magical day in Edmonton with the return of the iconic Ice Castle here in the city. Opening up on Friday January 5th, families will be able to visit the over one acre ice castle park that feels more like you've been transported into the animated world of Frozen or into the land of Narnia then at Hawrelak Park. 


Inside the Ice Castle park they've made a few changes from previous years, it's more open and there's lots of nooks and crannies to explore, two ice slides and a couple of awesome caves for the kids to explore. If you're looking to make this a great experiences there are a couple of key things to remember. 


Tips for a Great Experience

1. Dress warm, it's often much colder then what the current weather forecast is prediciting inside the Ice Castle.
2. Leave your strollers at home & opt for baby wearing (you can bring in a sled as the main area is wide open).
3. Wear proper footwear & double up on the socks!! The surface is slip and feels a lot like walking in sand, so you may be prone to slipping if you're not careful. 
4. No liquids or food will be allowed in the park.
5. No pets are allowed in the park, so Fido will have to stay home. *sad woof*
5. Book in Advance! To get the best time you'll definitely want to book ahead. Booking ahead will save you money & you'll guarantee that you get in vs walk ups. Ice Castles recommends you arrive 30 minutes prior to your booking time.  Once inside, stay and explore to your hearts content! 
6. Bring your camera (but leave the tripod's and any lighting equipment at home). You'll want to capture those memories! A good tip is to keep your camera warm by tucking your camera into your jacket, or use a hot pack in your pocket/purse/bag. The cold is hard on camera batteries and drains them quick!  To keep your camera from fogging up leave the lens cap off and keep a couple of the silica gel packs in your bag, they'll help to absorb moisture.

And my favourite tip is :


7. Book a date night. This is a great place to go for a night out, while it's a dreamland for the kids, it's also a perfect spot and pretty romantic with the lights at night!  Christian Denis (lead builder) & Kate, pictured above with their son (Luc Winter ..his middle name is the best! ) met while working on the ice castle! How cool is that! ... (yes, this mama is a total romantic!!!) 

And Lastly!!! 

To kick off this season, head on over to our Instagram Page for a chance to win a set of two tickets!! INSTAGRAM/YEGINSPIRED and For a bonus entry, leave a comment here on the blog! We'll announce the winner on Monday January 8, 2018!!!!  
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