Tips and Tricks for Potty Training

Have you finally reached that time where you’re working towards getting your toddler out of diapers? These simple tips and tricks will keep you focused and hopefully make the process stress free for everyone.

Is Everybody Ready? 

First things first, has your child shown interest in the potty? Show interest can be simply sitting on the potty sometimes, or indicating that they have to go potty or that they have done so already in their diaper. 

Are you ready? If you’re not able to commit to this 110%, now is not the time to start. Potty training requires attention and consistency, so beginning before you and your child are ready is a recipe for disaster and will just leave you both angry and discouraged, which in the long run could make the process even harder and longer! 

Pull-ups or Underwear? 

Start the process with going to pick out the pull-ups or underwear. Letting your child pick their own character or design creates that excitement and anticipation for starting. But it doesn’t stop there, when you get home have them help with opening the package and organizing them wherever you choose to keep them. Help her to take control of the potty training process.


Whether you are using a potty or the toilet with a potty seat, it needs to be accessible at all times so your child can feel free to go whenever they need to.  For clothes, stay away from buttons, snaps, and zippers – your toddler’s pants must be easy to pull up and down for those have to go right now emergencies. 

Stay Home

During the first couple of days, especially, staying home is key. You’re going to want to be close to the potty at all times and staying home is the best way to guarantee it.

Potty Training Incentives

Whether you’re using instant rewards like candy or prizes that they earn to put towards something bigger (stamps, stickers, or pompoms), the rewards have to be designated to potty training exlusively! No sneaking that jelly bean or using a sticker just because. Remember to celebrate even the smallest little tinkle in the potty, especially at the beginning, because it’s a big deal. As potty training progresses you can decrease the rewards.

Keep Your Toddler Hydrated

Make sure his sippy cup or water bottle is always full and encourage him to take lots of drinks, this will create the urge to go potty more often and will help him to recognize the feeling. 

Don’t Ask, Just Do

Over the first day or so, your child may be super excited to go on the potty, but the reality is that at some point it stops being fun. Asking your child, “Do you have to go Potty?” gives her the chance to say no. Instead, say, “It’s time to go Potty.”


Set a timer to go every 45-60 minutes, even if they don’t have to go. Going to the potty on a consistent basis helps to create that bathroom routine as well as familiarity for children.  Going before bedtimes and naps is also a must! 


Potty training can be stressful. What works for one child may not work for the next. If it’s not working right away, it’s okay to stop and try again a few weeks later. Accidents may happen a little or a lot, but knowing this going in will help during those times that you feel discouraged. 

Sooner or later it will click and you’ll soon say goodbye to changing diapers! 

Christine Bruckmann is the local Edmonton writer and Blogger for Just Another Edmonton Mommy & Alberta Mama's. She was born and raised in Edmonton with a background in social work. As a trusted voice for many families and passionate about supporting her local community, Christine writes about things to see and do in Edmonton as a family, local events, DIYs, food, and more. 

Images Provided by Lorraine Marie 
Originally Published in the YEG INSPIRED TODDLER ISSUE

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