Dads Doing Their Part

Jeff Woods

I am a father of three kids, two daughters (18 and 10) and a son (8). My role as a father has been the most rewarding thing in life, besides falling in love with their mom. I am a working dad and my wife is a stay at home mom. There have been times where work kept me away from home for lengths of time. That was hard on everyone. Things have progressed over time to where we are now, living in Edmonton and a better work/life balance.

Image supplied by  Lorraine Marie

Image supplied by Lorraine Marie

I may have worked lots and spent time out-of-town, but one thing that has always stayed true for me is being a great husband and father. I have always viewed parenting as an equal role. Where moms and dads support each other, share equal responsibilities in the house all to make life easy for ourselves. In return to better support our kids.

Back when my kids were babies, I was there every step of the way. Feedings, changings, bath time, bedtime and so on. Taking the night-time wake ups, even though I had to work early just so mom could get some much-needed sleep. That role has never changed for me. I still have a very active role in my kids lives. I am proud to cook and clean, do laundry and grocery shop. The way mom and dad act in the house were no role is gender based and we both help each other is how my kids learn. Our daughters will grow up strong women and our son will be quite the gentleman. 

Image Supplied by Jeff Woods

Image Supplied by Jeff Woods

Fatherhood is changing direction. This can’t come soon enough. No more dads sitting back, leaving everything to mom. For the longest time I have been on the outside so to speak. The butt of jokes at work for showing my love and support for my wife and kids. This is changing!
I will always be very proud to be there for my family. That my kids don’t solely have to rely on mom for everything. That my wife isn’t dealing with day-to-day things all on her own. My kids know dad is there to help in any way possible. Homework help, trouble with friends, bed times, suppers, this list is long. Attending school events whether it’s parent teacher night, a performance or a sporting event means so much to me as well as my kids. Taking them to the doctors or dentist is also rewarding. They know dad is there to help when not feeling well or are scared while getting a filling done at the dentist, for example. Being the dad I am only helps them grow to become the future self they want. My wife and I have such a strong relationship as well given that life isn’t left to just one of us. Equally we both take care of our kids and our home. Stepping up when the other is sick or having an off day.

Image Supplied by Jeff Woods

Image Supplied by Jeff Woods

Dads, we need to keep this change going. We need to keep up the great parenting and stop leaving life in moms hands alone. Our children are the ones who will see the benefit from this and that is what parenting is all about.

~jeff woods, author