The Ultimate Kids Guide to Break the Summer Boredom Blues!

Trying to figure out activities and what to do this summer in Edmonton to avoid "Boredom Blues", we've created a handy list of 75 activities to do with kids of all ages  (download your PDF version here!) and follow the link to our Pinterest board for ideas and inspiration. 

  1. Grab the sheets or old blankets and some pool noodles to create a wacky summer fort in the backyard
  2. Go to the Alberta Legislative Grounds and play in the pools
  3. Once they've had their fill of the pool, go hunting for Pokemon 
  4. Stop into your local supermarket, and grab some fresh eats from the deli for a summer picnic 
  5. Collect rocks to paint 
  6. Movie night outside in the backyard
  7. Learn to throw a Yo-Yo
  8. Go down to the river to watch the dragon boat races
  9. Jump on the Trolley and go over the High-Level Bridge
  10. Go Bowling (don't forget the kid's bowl free program
  11. Head to the Art Gallery of Alberta
  12. Cool off at the spray parks
  13. Go tubing down the Pembina River 
  14. Kids eat free at Love Pizza on Sunday Nights!  
  15. Wander through Whitmud Ravine and feed the birds 
  16. Visit the U of A Botanic Gardens (formerly the Devonian) 
  17. Find a hill and roll down it 
  18. Create stop action movies 
  19. Choose your adventures ( print out the list and add them to a "Bored Jar" pick 3 things, go do them ) 
  20. Run in the rain, no rain.. turn on the sprinkler! 
  21. Create a scavenger hunt of Edmonton's Icon.. visit the Oil Derrick, find Alexandra Circle, Stop a the Mac store's for Screamers, my favourite is Orange Crush & Vanilla!!!
  22. Marshmallow wars with home made PVC guns 
  23. Valley Zoo 
  24. Sign up for summer camps, check out your local churches as they may be hosting Vacation Bible School, often they have a full week of fun activities for the kids or sign up for one through the U of A Summer Kids Camps! 
  25. Pick the Daisies.. or the Dandelions, make flower crowns or press a bunch of your favourite summer flowers. 
  26. Go camping
  27. Visit one of Edmonton's Favourite Toddler Parks, a full list is available on Just Another Edmonton Mommies Blog
  28. Visit the  Alberta Mama's for awesome Alberta Destinations to celebrate Canada's 150th
  29. If it's August, go watch the sky show for meteor shower!
  30. K Day's Parade
  31. Host a neighbourhood bbq, close the street down (check the City of Edmonton for their regulations)
  32. Arrange a visit with one of the local senior centres, (our son used to love to play chess with an elderly man we connected with at the retirement residence.)
  33. Sidewalk art! Create a masterpiece! 
  34. Lemonade Stand! 
  35. Create a dinosaur dig! 
  36. Bury Treasure in the park and give clues to find (use a small rubbermaid bin to hid the treasure in!
  37. Go Geocaching! 
  38. Sign up for an Art Class, check 4 Cats, The Alberta Gallery of Art, Creative Space 
  39. Create pinwheels for the garden
  40. Pudding Paintings!!! Buy some new kids paintbrushes, vanilla pudding and add food colouring! Let the littles paint to their hearts content!
  41. Give the kids $5 and go garage sailing for board games
  42. Make Popsicles out of your favourite herbal teas!! 
  43. Sign up for a kids workshop through one of the local hardware stores
  44. Make your own playdough 
  45. Random Acts of Kindness, help out a neighbour, walk their dogs, bake a friend some cookies, 
  46. Sign up for a walk/marathon 
  47. Tie Die T-Shirts in the backyard, try making some to support your local sports teams! 
  48. Try out Edmonton's Newest Ropes Course at Snow Valley Aeriel Park
  49. Take a Mini Day trip to Devon, Calmar, Millet, Thorsby  check out the local shops
  50. Visit Prairie Gardens, they have activities all summer long! 
  51. Visit the EGG in Vegreville 
  52. Make Fruit Loop Necklaces and Bracelets
  53. Sign up for the Northern Lights email alerts
  54. Make a time capsule (buy a plain wood box from the craft store, decorate it.. after you fill it with summer momento's, seal it up and open it up in 10years!
  55. Take a 30Second Video Clip each day during the summer to create a fun summer memory!
  56. Windy Days, fly a kite
  57. Yard Yahtzee 
  58. Head to the Lake, Buy ice cream, build sandcastle creations
  59. Make Airplanes
  60. Float your boats, use milk cartons, make a sail and have a boat race with friends in Millcreek Ravine
  61. Head to an outdoor pool
  62. Yarn Art with sticks or popsicle sticks (search Pinterest for God's Eye or Yarn Dolls)
  63. Make Friendship Bracelets 
  64. Make Ring Toss from poodle noodles!
  65. Glue Popsicle sticks together to create a canvas, paint the sticks 
  66. Create a summer reading guide or Check the Edmonton Public Library for summer favourites 
  67. Make some Dragon Eggs and hide them in amongst the garden
  68. Take Cardboard, draw & Cut out large funky letters, wrap with yarn to decorate kids doors or room.
  69. Blow paint monster art on canvas 
  70. Plant a garden, help out on a farm 
  71. Make your own Freezer Felt holder 
  72. Make Large Size Yard Games like Jenga, paint them in fun colours! 
  73. Picture a day, print out Square Prints & pin to a wall or use Fun Washi Tape
  74. Go on a Bug Hunt 
  75. Grab a blanket and Lay under the stars, make a wish if you see any falling stars!!

Have the best summer ever, create some wonderful memories, start some new summer traditions, play, laugh, stay up late and eat s'mores.
Bonus Tip: For a fun Boredom Buster, Write down all the ideas on popsicles sticks and put them in a jar. Each day, pull out an idea to create a week of adventures. 

Enjoy Life to the Fullest!