Pass the Plate, Christmas Bureau 2017 Campaign

On November 14th, The Christmas Bureau, kicked off their 2017 Pass the Plate Campaign with their annual media event held at Edmonton City Centre. With three jolly souls from the YEG Inspired team, ready to jump in and get a little messy to bring awareness to this years winter campaign! 

Image provided by Samar Al-Hajjaj

Image provided by Samar Al-Hajjaj

The Goal:  Decorate a pre-built gingerbread house, in 40 minutes! 
On the judges signal to go... we were off! 
Coming up with a very loose-pinterest-inspired game plan, our team had to make quick work and make something presentable of the gingerbread house we were given to decorate! With Samar at the helm, she went with her vision for the roof, I decorated the sides, while Emily bedazzled and accessorized! For the finishing touch, Samar, in her Martha Stewart ways, gave our home a dusting of gold to complete our festive wonderland.. and in no time, the judges were counting down, 5 , 4 , 3 , 2, 1... drop your decorating weapons!! 
The result....
.. you'll have to scroll! 

And with our first challenge in, our little team won for MOST FESTIVE!!! Wahooo! Pinterest for the WIN!!!

Participating in this event had a significant meaning for me, in the late 80's my dad found himself out of work. With financial hardships looming and Christmas around the corner, our family was a recipient of one of their hampers. The Christmas Bureau was able to make what was an otherwise gloomy situation to giving our family the Christmas we needed back.  Being gifted a hamper, was a welcome relief to my parents and now having the opportunity to participate and give back to the Bureau is a huge blessing for me! 

Over 60,000 Edmontonians will turn to the Christmas Bureau for help in 2017. Our clients could be your neighbour, your child’s best friend, a coworker. You know them, but not what they’re going through. When you donate to the Christmas Bureau, you’re helping to make the holiday happen for the people in your community.
— Christmas Bureau

Much like our family in the 80's, there will be many Edmonton families that will turn to the Christmas Bureau for help this holiday season. 

How can you help? 
There are so many ways to help whether you volunteer, fundraise or just donate you are making a huge impact in our community. By clicking the LINK BELOW you can find ways on how you can become involved. 

Love & Gratitude,

Team photo supplied by Edmonton Christmas Bureau

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